Natural ingredients to help achieve a glowing skin

The skin is the biggest body organ, it comprises two main layers, the epidermis and the dermis. The epidermis protects the body while the dermis offers structure and support to the skin. Below the dermis is another layer known as the hypodermis, whose main function is to provide the skin with insulation. Applying chemical-based products to the skin has adverse effects on these skin layers. It may lead to skin allergies and irritations. Fortunately, instead of using these harmful products on the skin, you can use lots of natural products. One of the major essential tips you need to know is to ensure you source your natural products from reputable cosmetic stores. Online reviews can help you identify such reputable stores. You can have a look at reviews about skincare products including Give Me Cosmetics reviews. This article goes through some of the natural ingredients that you can use on your skin to achieve a glowing look.


Drinking water is the best way you can ensure your skin stays hydrated, moist and healthy. Ensure you carry your water bottles with you everywhere you go and keep drinking the water during the day. Your level of activity, size, and weather will determine the amount of water you need to take. However, generally, doctors suggest that we need to take 9 to 13 glasses of water in a day.


Turmeric is filled with non-bacterial properties and also has excellent antioxidant properties that help attain a perfect glow. It also contains anti-inflammatory properties leaving the skin revitalised. Turmeric enhances the production of collagen, thus helping keep the skin fresh and supple. It also eliminates free radicals that damage the skin.

Using Turmeric on the skin

Take half a teaspoon of turmeric powder and mix it with a cup of gram flour. Add enough water or milk and stir the mixtureuntil a smooth paste is formed. Proceed to add a few drops of rose water and then mix again. Apply the paste on your neck and face and leave it until it has dried. Then use cold water to rinse it.

Orange juice

Orange juice provides vitamin C and helps detoxify the body. Taking a glass of orange juice a day helps rejuvenate and clean the complexion of your skin. Citric acid in orange juice also helps achieve a firm skin and to control acne

Using orange juice on the skin

Squeeze several oranges each morning, add some black pepper and a pinch of salt to this juice and take it as you take your breakfast. Another way is to take some pieces of orange peels and grind them in some drops of rose water until you achieve a smooth paste. Apply the paste to your face. Allow it to settle for 15 minutes and use cold water to rinse it.

Olive oil

This is a skin antioxidant. It prevents the skins from early ageing. Applying some olive oil to the skin shields the skin from harmful UV rays from the sun. Olive oil helps repair damaged skin giving a shiny look.

Using olive oil on the skin

Ensure that you apply a few drops of olive oil over your neck and face every night before getting to bed. Massage it for two to three minutes in an upward direction. Proceed to dip a towel in warm water andsqueeze off excess water from the towel. Place the towel on both your beck and face for about one minute. Dipit again in the warm water and wipe off any excess oil on the neck and face. Then dry the face and the neck area using another dry and clean towel.


Honey is known to be a great moisturiser that helps keep the skin hydrated. It also has powerful antibacterial properties that help keep infections away and reduce acne and blemishes. Honey’s bleaching properties help fade scars and pigmentations.

Using honey on the skin

Apply honey on your face and neck. Massage it for some few minutes and give it some minutes to get absorbed by the skin. Afterwards, use Luke warm water to wash it off


Tyrosine is the hormone that controls melanin on the skin and causes the skin to darken. Taking milk controls the skin’s production of this hormone and helps achieve glowing skin. Raw milk is one of the easiest ingredients to accessto help achieve glowing skin.

Using milk on the skin

You can mix milk with any of the above ingredients to make a paste or apply it to the skin while raw.

In conclusion, most over the counter skincare products have chemical ingredients that can harm the skin. This article has provided natural skin-friendly products you can use to achieve healthy glowing skin.