A Trichologist’s Scalp Massage Tutorial For Healthy Hair Growth

Scalp massage is a person of these very simple pleasures that arrive loaded with elegance benefits—similar to sliding on a hand product or carving your cheekbones with a facial roller, it’s each a dreamy and solely functional encounter. Browse: Just a handful of presses of your fingertips or rounds with a scalp brush can help release pressure, loosen buildup, and encourage nutritious hair growth. Not negative for a 5-moment apply.

“We know strain tightens the scalp and impedes circulation and hair growth,” suggests Bridgette Hillcertified trichologist and founder of Root Result in Scalp Assessment. With regular therapeutic massage, you can launch that tension and really encourage blood circulation to the area—which, in switch, delivers oxygen and hair-healthier vitamins to the follicle. Scientists have even associated the follow with elevated hair thickness—but you can go through far more about that in this article.

If you would like to include scalp therapeutic massage into your hair treatment plan, you happen to be in luck: Underneath, Hill shares her go-to strategy.

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